A customer-oriented real time information system

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AdobeStock_123447012Our “in-house” information system in real time makes possible active management of vehicle movements and efficient use of our resources guaranteeing reliability, regularity and economic efficiency. Our IS is shared and customer-oriented via dedicated Internet interfaces, thus providing customers with total visibility of their flows.

We validate each stage of the conveyance of vehicles from the contractor to the final recipient, as well as each intermediate intervention on the vehicle via a set of indicators that can be seen continuously by the contractor.

24/7 tracking of 100% of vehicles

The vehicles are traced by GPS as soon as they are handed over by the contractor on to the chosen means of transport, wagons or trucks (with onboard IT) and then during the various stages of passage through our:

– Position of vehicles in real time (WIFI/GPS)
– Multi-modal management of Vehicle Exits/Entries
– EDI Management of Customer Instructions
– Management of Fleet and Workshop Operations and Services
– Management of reserves and breakdowns
– Load-built module for third-party transporters.

Using the KHEIRA tool STVA is able to offer its customers tools for planning, anticipation and decision-making: the customer can consult the position of its vehicles in real time and can also intervene directly to change the status of the vehicle or to request specific services.

Parallel to its vehicle monitoring applications STVA has also developed and put in place applications devoted to the different Group businesses to strictly manage resources and services. STVA manages its road fleet and, via specific applications, all the maintenance of its rail wagons (STVA was the first in Europe to be certified ECM -Entité en Charge de la Maintenance – Entities in Charge of Maintenance).

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