Our own significant, high performance logistics resourses

Added value_means

We have the leading bi-modal (Rail-Road) fleet in its own right in Europe

2,700 wagons

650 car transporters

This fleet provides flexibility and responsiveness in the management and optimisation of flows whilst retaining perfect control of lead times and quality.

The mode transfer from road to rail can therefore take place in the best conditions to the benefit of both the customer and the environment.
STVA invests heavily in the renewal and modernisation of its rail wagons and trucks in order to retain a reliable, high performance fleet, which respects the integrity of the vehicles entrusted to us.

30 establishments

With its strategic terminal locations STVA can offer a dense network throughout Europe and Morocco, focusing on the principal distribution centres and automobile consumption areas.
Having its own resources gives STVA real assets in terms of agility and reliability and enables it to support its customers in their own international development.

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