Strategic commitment to sustainable development

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We are proud to be among the first to manage our development to include respect and protection of the major balances in our environment.
STVA was the first transporter company to sign, in 2007, the ADEME voluntary carbon-offsetting charter.

STVA was also the first automobile logistician to be certified ISO 14000.

Our teams of men and women are trained by our ISO 14001 management system to put in place the tools and actions needed for environmental conservation:

– management of oils/diesel in our fleets

– control of our consumption

– eco-driving training for our drivers

– standardisation of feeder transport by the rail mode

– reduction of unladen road journeys due in particular to the onboard IT in our trucks.

Two recent major implementations attest to this commitment:

> The setting up with EDF EN of one of the largest surfaces of photovoltaic panels in France with a surface area of 57,000 m². This unit, installed at our logistics centre in Le Boulou (near Perpignan), has been in production since May 2012 and supplies the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption for 4000 households.

> The installation of 2 industrial wood boilers at our Ambérieu subsidiary in Bugey (near Lyons) makes it possible to heat the 90,000m3 of workshops and administrative offices (Rhône-Alpes Silver Trophy for Sustainable Logistics in June 2012).

All these actions show STVA to be taking a voluntary global approach to controlling its environmental impact and reducing its carbon footprint.

The release of 40,000 tons of CO2 is therefore avoided each year, i.e. about 20% of our total emissions (and corresponds to the saving of the CO2 emitted by 4500 households over a year).

STVA UK Environmental policy statement : Signed policy statements 


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