Espace STVA

  • STVA teams joins the Groupe CAT

    November 2017

    On October 31, 2017, Groupe CAT acquired STVA Group. Thanks to this acquisition, Groupe CAT includes more than 8,000 employees, has a bi-modal fleet of 1,700 trucks and 2,600 wagons at its disposal, and is endowed with a dense network of 96 vehicle logistics compounds …

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  • Jean-Michel Floret, Chairman of the STVA’s Executive Board

    September 2014

    Jean-Michel Floret is appointed Chairman of the STVA’s Executive Board. Jean-Michel Floret , 46, graduated from HEC Paris in 1991 and started his career within the SNCF Group where he held different positions, more particularly within the direction of SNCF Freight: first as Branch Manager …

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  • STVA News

    April 2013

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