Rail transport


STVA, a completely bi-modal group, owns one of the largest railway fleets in Europe with a stock of 2700 wagons.

Our wagon fleet is adapted to the wide variety of vehicles transported (city cars, SUV, etc.) and to the constraints of the various railway gauges of the networks on which they travel.

We customise our wagons in accordance with car design developments (since 2008 nearly 1000 wagons have been converted) and so as to allow loading on two levels to be optimised. We can load vehicles up to a height of 1.8 metres and route them on the majority of European networks.

We design and develop tailor-made car transporter wagons to meet specific constraints. In particular we have recently designed and produced 60-metre long wagons in collaboration with Renault-Nissan specially adapted to carry vehicles produced in the Melloussa factory in Morocco.

STVA has acquired real expertise in wagon maintenance and also provides such services on behalf of third parties: including our STVA fleet, over 7000 wagons in total are maintained by our staff.


In 2014, STVA has been certified ECM ”Entity in Charge of Maintenance”, in accordance with  European rules 445/2011/CE, for its maintenance management system for wagons fleets. STVA Certificate


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