Road transport

STVA trucks

With almost 650 car transporters, STVA has established itself as the foremost European player in vehicle road transport.

We provide all transport elements incorporating everything from long-distance movements, from the principal loading points – factories and ports – and including transport to the networks of dealers, regional distribution centres and ports.

As the final, essential element in the supply chain for finished vehicles, we specialize in last-mile delivery in the networks, retrieving rental fleet vehicles and returns of second-hand vehicles.

It is an expertise where the importance of the human element is paramount. Our drivers/delivery personnel are trained in vehicle handovers and collections, and checking and agreeing the condition of the vehicles with the customer. Our staff appreciate that they are our Group’s final ambassadors to our customers.

We have a modern truck fleet with an average age of 5 years. All the tractors are fitted with the latest technology in terms of fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions, and the trailers are designed for maximum loading efficiency.

Distribution in large towns and cities is given special attention. Whenever possible we schedule deliveries outside normal working hours to make the process more efficent. We are also using small capacity non-articulated trucks to take up less space in town centres.


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