History / Shareholding

STVA, Société de Transports de Véhicules Automobiles, was founded on 25 October 1950 with its initial task being the transport of vehicles by rail.

65 years later, STVA has become one of the leaders in finished vehicle logistics in Europe and has a complete network of resources: storage compounds, multi-modal terminals, workshops, car trucks and specialised car railwagons.

This international development took place step by step, via progressive controlled expansion across Europe and the development of expertises in all the fields of distribution logistics for finished vehicles. In 2015, STVA Group has decided to work under one single brand : STVA, throughout Europe, to reinforce its visibility on the market and to gather all the teams.

2017 :  STVA join the Groupe CAT company

2016 :  Unic Brand STVA for all the subsidiaries and deployment of our Core Values

2015 : STVA launches a specific offer for used cars “STVA Box” and a new International Road transport

2012: Creation of GSTM in Morocco

2011: Majority stake in Benga in Romania

2010: Majority stake in Egerland in Germany

2006: Majority stake in Helf in Germany

2002: Acquisition of holdings in Egerland and Helf in Germany

1997: Creation of Mostva in Poland

1996: Creation of STVA UK in Great Britain, Acquisition of holdings in SITFA in Italy

1988: Strengthening of road transport with the acquisition of Uniroute in France

1986: Acquisition of holdings in SETRAM in Spain

1981: Opening of the first distribution platform in France

1968: Diversification into road transport with the purchase of TransportVoiture in Belgium

1950: Creation of the Société de Transport de Véhicules Automobiles, specialising in rail transport.

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