Our strategy is devoted to one single task: offering logistics solutions that provide our customers with complete service satisfaction.

To achieve this we have set ourselves precise objectives:

  • Meeting the simultaneous priority requirements of cost and quality
  • Guaranteeing personalised service
  • Offering an ever-expanding range of products and geographical cover
  • Supporting our customers in their sustainable development policies

Thus, our strategic focuses are clearly defined:

  • Increasing our multi-modal customer offer

Our European cover, our road and rail resources and our network of platforms make STVA one of the leading automotive logistics players. We are continuing our investment strategy to provide an ever stronger, more competitive offer as a result of better traffic optimisation.

  • Developing innovation that creates value

We are continuing to develop high performance information resources, physical resources adapted to market developments, and flow control techniques in order to anticipate customer requests better.

> In April 2012, at the annual conference attended by its 200 main logistics suppliers, Renault-Nissan awarded STVA the prize for innovation for its entire logistics project in Tangiers.

  • Maintaining a high level of expertise in our teams

We are well aware that our most important resource is our people. We give priority to continuous training and strive for our men and women at STVA to be amongst the best trained and the most skilled in their sector. Our programme of training, recruitment and internal development is designed to maintain STVA’s position as the benchmark for skilled and motivated employees in our sector.

  • Favouring a company on a human-scale

Our growth and development continues to be based on close relationships between our customers and our teams. We wish to preserve this “trademark” by organising our sales representatives into independant local teams who are responsible for their accounts and for maintaining the identity of our subsidiaries.

  • Diversifying our expertise

We want to offer our customers logistics solutions which meet their entire needs. To do this we are continuing to increase our strength in all aspects of distribution logistics, enabling us to offer solutions at each stage of the logistics chain for new or second life vehicles.

  • Internationalising our presence

The automotive world develops very fast and our customers are active players in this dynamic environment. We would like to offer them solutions wherever they are, firstly in Europe but beyond if the need arises. In 2012 we ventured outside Europe to create GSTM, our subsidiary in Morocco.

  • Promoting our growth through sustainable development

We design the development of our activities so as to minimise their environmental impact. We were the first automotive logistician to sign the charter of commitment to reducing CO2 emissions in 2007 and we are continuing our focus in this area.

Our latest implementation is a testimony to our commitment: we have installed one of the largest photovoltaic plants in France on our storage platform in Le Boulou, which supplies the equivalent of the electricity consumed by 4000 households per year.

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